Will Net Migration Affect Your Clients Needs?


Will Net Migration Affect You Meeting Your Clients Needs?

Legislation & Regulation

The Net Migration statistics in February could easily cause huge cause for concern for Recruiters up and down the UK. 

Thorn  Baker Director Matthew DannNet annual migration of EU nationals to Britain has fallen by 75,000 in the past year, with official figures showing this as the lowest level for 5 years.

Thorn Baker Industrial Recruitment, like many similar UK firms, will utilise a number of EU nationals as part of its temporary labour workforce, supplying many household names with workers to satisfy seasonal demand in the Contract PackingWarehouse & Logistics and Manufacturing sectors. Do you use an agency to support your business during peak times?

The obvious knock-on effect of the current trend is a reduced labour pool, meaning agencies are often left battling to secure the services of the same candidates - how could this affect you getting the skilled and reliable staff to help with your workload?

Rather than shy away from this challenge, I think we can highlight how this could have a positive impact on your industry. 

The reduction in available labour certainly offers some challenges, what it does make us do is identify what we can do better not just to attract workers in the first place - how we can work with you to help your business needs. By improving how we manage and retain the services of workers once they have joined us will benefit our clients (you) in the long run.

Over recent months we have invested in a worker ‘perk scheme’, offer regular ‘worker of the month’ incentives, and ensure that our worker communication process is effective. We pride ourselves on how quickly we find potential workers positions that suit what they are looking for when they are looking, that uses their skills and expertise - this is additional service that we can bring to help support your peak times, resulting in you fulfilling your clients' requirements.


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