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PAYE Benefits And Holiday Entitlements Working With An Agency

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PAYE Benefits And Holiday Entitlements Working With An Agency

Working with an agency can feel a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to understanding your rights and benefits. But don't worry – we're here to simplify things! This straightforward guide will help you know exactly what you're entitled to under UK employment law, so you can focus on your job with confidence.

Your Basic Benefits

These are the minimum benefits your employer must give you:

  • Minimum Wage: You should get paid at least the national minimum wage which can vary by age.

  • Sick Pay: If you’re sick and can’t work, you may get Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) after a certain period.

  • Maternity/Paternity Pay: If you have a baby or adopt a child, you might get paid leave if you meet the requirements.

  • Protection Against Discrimination:You’re protected from unfair treatment because of your age, race, sexuality, disability, etc.

  • Working Hours and Breaks:There are rules on how many hours you can work and the breaks you must get.

  • Equal Pay and Conditions:After 12 weeks, you should get the same pay and conditions as permanent staff doing similar work.

Finding Your Assignment

A good agency takes the stress out of job hunting by finding assignments for you. We match your skills and preferences with available positions, or approach businesses on your behalf, so you don't have to.

Organising Your Inductions

A good agency, like Thorn Baker, doesn’t just find a role for you, they support you through to your start date and beyond, They can help set up your inductions, covering health and safety, job duties, and workplace rules. This ensures you feel ready and confident from day one, allowing you to focus on your new role without stress. 

Agencies Ensuring Timely Payment

Reliable agencies ensure you get paid on time, every time. They manage your payroll, making sure your wages are processed accurately and promptly. This eliminates the stress of chasing payments, allowing you to focus on your work with peace of mind. By handling all the financial details, agencies ensure you receive your earnings without delays.

Holiday Entitlement

Here's what you need to know about your holidays:

  • Paid Annual Leave: You get 5.6 weeks (28 days) of paid holiday each year. If you work part-time, this amount is adjusted.

  • Holiday Pay: You earn holiday pay as you work, at 12.07% of your total earnings.

  • Requesting Holiday Pay: You need to ask for any holiday pay you haven’t used before the holiday year ends.

Working Hours and Breaks

You have rights similar to other workers:

  • You can’t be made to work more than 48 hours a week on average, unless you consent/agree.

  • If you work more than 6 hours, you must get at least a 20-minute break.

  • You should have 11 hours of rest in any 24-hour period.

  • You must have at least one day off per week.

Sick Leave and Pay

If you’re eligible for SSP, tell your agency, and the company you work for, as soon as you can if you’re too sick to work. Agency workers don’t get the same sick pay as permanent employees.

Health and Safety

You shouldn’t be treated negatively if you raise concerns about your safety at work. This includes being bullied, having your hours cut, or being passed over for promotion.

Knowing your rights as an agency worker helps ensure you’re treated fairly and can maintain a good work-life balance. Always check your contracts and talk to your agency if you have questions. For more help or to work with a company that finds your assignments, organises your induction and values fair treatment and fast payment, contact Thorn Baker today.