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Cleaning Innovations 2024

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Cleaning Innovations 2024

​The commercial cleaning industry is booming, with annual growth rates of 6.6% since 2011. For businesses, this means a wider range of cleaning services, crucial in today’s world where hygiene is paramount. A cleaner workplace not only operates more smoothly but also enhances employee happiness and productivity.


For job seekers, this thriving industry offers more job openings and the potential for better salaries. With the industry's expansion, there are increasing opportunities for training and development, allowing employees to stay updated with the latest cleaning technologies and methods, thereby boosting their career prospects.


Exciting changes are transforming the cleaning industry this year. The key trend appears to be blending human skills with innovative technologies to create a more sustainable and efficient future. Despite technological advancements, it’s still the dedicated cleaners who truly make a difference.


One major focus this year is on better training programs, competitive pay, and real career growth opportunities. At Thorn Baker, we aim to attract and retain the best talent for our clients, while the industry shifts towards eco-friendly practices, reducing environmental impact with green cleaning methods.


Innovations like virtual reality training and smart sensors are setting new standards for cleanliness and sustainability. These tools help cleaners learn processes more effectively and ensure thorough cleanliness while being environmentally conscious.


Let's explore how these innovations are revolutionising the industry and contributing to health and environmental benefits. Join us as we delve into the developments transforming the cleaning sector in 2024.


Human Touch Remains Key: Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Innovation cannot replace the human touch. Cleaners are the heroes of hygiene, and retaining their expertise is crucial. Competitive wages, benefits, and career advancement opportunities help attract and retain top talent.


Green Cleaning: Sustainable Practices

The demand for eco-friendly cleaning products and practices is skyrocketing. Companies are expected to incorporate sustainable solutions to minimise their ecological footprint.


Green Certifications

Green certifications like BREEAM and the EU Ecolabel drive eco-friendly practices in the industry, setting new sustainability standards.


Customised Cleaning Plans: Personalised Services

Cleaning companies are offering tailored services to meet unique client needs, with customised cleaning plans based on preferences, schedules, and specific space requirements.


VR and AR: Immersive Training

VR and AR are revolutionising training, helping cleaning teams master complex protocols and optimise their tasks in real-time.


IoT Sensors: Smart Guardians of Cleanliness

Smart sensors monitor air quality, track movement, and detect pathogens, ensuring proactive cleanliness and shifting from a reactive to a proactive approach.


Wearable Tech: Empowering Cleaners

Wearable tech innovations like smart glasses and exoskeletons optimise workflows and improve ergonomics, empowering cleaning staff.


Sustainable Cleaning Product Refill Stations

Refill stations for cleaning solutions reduce single-use plastic waste, promoting eco-friendly practices.


The cleaning industry continues to innovate, introducing products that enhance cleanliness and promote health and sustainability. Innovations like microbiome-friendly cleaning solutions and antimicrobial coatings are reshaping the industry, prioritising safety and well-being.


Aligning your business strategy with these advancements ensures your company leads in setting new benchmarks for cleanliness and sustainability. Through our tailored recruitment solutions, Thorn Baker helps you build a future-ready team. Contact us to influence industry standards with pioneering innovations.