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Thorn Baker Secures a Spot on the Prestigious Recruiter's HOT 100 List!

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Thorn Baker Secures a Spot on the Prestigious Recruiter's HOT 100 List!

Back from the recent Recruitment Expo in London, sponsored by Recruiter Magazine, we’ve got some exciting news to share - we've landed a spot on the prestigious Recruiter's HOT 100 list - and we’re absolutely thrilled!


Why’s this a Big Deal for Us?

The recruitment landscape has been particularly challenging in recent times, and with the world throwing in some additional curveballs with macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainties, we've shown resilience and buoyancy. The HOT 100 list this year is all about highlighting those of us who've weathered the storm but successfully navigated our way through it!


This resilience, and the sector's impressive growth, driven by acute skills shortages, changing working styles, and a leap towards technological innovation, have set the scene for an exciting 2024 and beyond, and the teams at Thorn Baker are ready for it!


The Secret to Our Success

Being part of the HOT 100 isn’t just about being nominated; it’s about being recognised for being smart, agile, and responsive. This year, the spotlight has been on recruiters like us who've navigated the highly dynamic market of 2023 with sustained growth and prosperity, even as other sectors slowed down. With 72 new entries on the list, including us, it's clear that the future is bright for recruiters who specialise and adapt quickly.

Our ability to thrive in a year that's seen a significant 20.7% year-on-year revenue growth across the listed companies to £6.2bn is something we're really proud of. It speaks volumes about the sector's health and our place within it.

More Than Just Numbers

But it’s not just about the revenue. It’s about how we’re doing business. Our success comes down to a few key factors: our agility, our focus on key performance indicators and efficiency, and our innovative use of technology. We’re not just keeping up; we’re setting the pace, especially as we focus on specific sectors and regions, ensuring we offer the best to our clients and candidates.

And, with the industry seeing a shift towards more mid-market recruiters like us outperforming larger ones, it’s clear that being more focused and agile is the way forward. Our team's size and productivity have been our strength, allowing us to adapt quickly and maintain a personal touch in everything we do.

"This recognition is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and innovative approach of our entire team," said Paul Jackman, CEO of Thorn Baker Group."We are honoured to stand among the industry's best and see this as a promise to our clients and candidates to continue delivering exceptional services and setting the standard in recruitment excellence."


Looking Ahead

The inclusion in the HOT 100 list not only celebrates Thorn Baker Group's past achievements but also reinforces our commitment to sustainability, adaptability, and robustness, particularly demonstrated through our actions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our response to the crisis was characterised by swift adaptation and unwavering support for both clients and candidates, ensuring business continuity and resilience in challenging times.

"As we look to the future, Thorn Baker Group remains dedicated to innovation, excellence, and the continuous improvement of our services. Here's to setting even higher standards in the years to come." Paul Jackman

Landing a spot on the HOT 100 list is a fantastic achievement, but for us, it’s really about what this means for the people with work with. Whether you’re looking for your next career move or need the perfect candidate for your team, we’re here, ready to help. We’re all about creating meaningful connections and leveraging our expertise to meet your needs.

So, here’s to a future filled with more innovations, great connections, and, of course, celebrating every win along the way. We’re excited for what’s next and hope you are too.

Got questions or want to chat about what’s happening in recruitment? We’re all ears. Let’s grab a coffee and dive into it - get in touch today!