Meet The Thorn Baker Group Board

Group Board

Group Board

Paul Jackman Thorn Baker Group CEOPaul Jackman - Chief Executive Officer

I’ve been in recruitment for over 20 years, a journey that started as a consultant for the Construction sector. My experience of previously working as a site engineer really helped get me off to a great start.

As CEO my job is to smoothly integrate the major functions of the Group – providing leadership and guidance for the board and senior team. Our brands have ambitious plans for the future, ultimately it’s my job to ensure we achieve the goals set for our clients and candidates.

The biggest thing I get a kick out of is the personal development of people in the business.

A close second is the satisfaction that then comes from working with great clients year after year - it's immense.

So when I’m not working I’m a family man at heart – two teenage daughters, a dog and my wife keep me busy. Importantly, I still make sure I get some balance though – be that running, playing golf or watching the mighty Huddersfield Town. I’m also a bit of a petrol head when it comes to fast cars. 

Thorn Baker Director Matthew DannMatthew Dann - Group and Industrial Director

I have over 25 years of recruitment experience working with the best recruiters and industrial clients. 

I pride myself on being a hands-on Director.  My primary role is full operational responsibility for the Industrial brand.  My team supplies workers across the East Midlands and South Yorkshire, to sectors such as warehouse and logistics, manufacturing, print and packaging, waste management, and office support.

My role as a Group director sees me supporting the CEO in driving growth, whilst also hiring and developing recruiters to grow my brand.

I get a kick out of keeping clients happy 

My clients' goals are my goals: happy staff, lorries loaded, products are packed, widgets are made, bins are collected, and phones are answered.

I am a keen sportsman; a cricket and rugby fan. I’m married with six fab kids and two amazing grandchildren.  ….oh and I like the odd pint of Guinness as well!

Rob Ford Group and Construction DirectorRob Ford - Group and Construction Director

My recruitment background is quite rare. I've only worked for one company, in one industry and with mostly the same team - and I love it. 

Back in my 20’s when I started I didn't really know what recruitment and construction were all about. My one focus then (and it still is now in my 40’s) is delivering on what I say without compromising on service. Going home at the weekend knowing we've done a great job for our clients and candidates is and always will be one of the biggest rewards I get from my career in recruitment at whatever level I have sat.

People development is a huge passion that I share with my leadership team and I am a big believer that if you look after & develop your staff and help them reach their potential then results will follow.

I get a massive buzz when we bring new staff into the teams and love seeing them grow into their role and start their journeys, just like I did many years ago. 

I run the construction brand with all branches reporting directly to me - Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Essex and Nottingham. I'm very proud of what my teams deliver every day and I thoroughly enjoy every minute I spend in each office. 

Outside of work, family is everything. I am married with two kids and have a passion for Rugby - I'm a keen supporter of Gloucester Rugby which, much like recruitment, has it's up’s and downs.

Maddy Richards - Financial Controller

I’ve worked in the niche of SME Financial Control for over 10 years, as my daughter would say, I’m in charge of the money.

In reality, I have the pleasure of leading a great team of skilled individuals who deliver a class service to all our brands. And of course, there’s the money. I’ve worked in distribution, manufacturing, domestic and international businesses, and now recruitment. Whilst the fundamentals of financial control and accounting do not change, the exposure to different industries has greatly developed me as a professional.

Being part of an organisation that wants to succeed at every level is not something to be taken for granted, and that’s what we have here at Thorn Baker.

From Business Support right up to Board level, the commitment to quality and desire to exceed expectations really is part of life.

Hate to admit it but I’m one of those Star Wars geeks that can tell you the back story of just about every minor character. I have amassed a pretty impressive collection of vintage toys, some of which I tore from the packaging as a kid. 

Thorn Baker Chairman John RobinsonJohn Robinson - Chairman

I’ve been in the industry for as long as I can remember, having started pretty much straight from University. I started as a perm consultant but that really was a long time ago…

These days, as Chairman, my role is very much to support the CEO and Executive Board to develop and execute company strategy. I remain close to the business but an arm's length away and I’m able to offer advice and counsel to ensure we remain on top of our game.

I have always been passionate about our business – we make a real difference to the lives of so many people.

I'm particularly interested in how we recruit, retain and develop our people to be the very best they can be.

Our industry tends to attract active people and I am no different. My main interests are mountain biking, golf, snowboarding and cricket. I’m also a keen follower of Leicester Tigers and love watching test cricket too. You’ll find me at live music gigs when I can find the time to get to them!