BMS, Fire & Security

Powerful and extensive Building Management Systems are now being installed ever more frequently in large buildings to assist with energy saving and automation of HVAC and electrical building services, and as such the demand for qualified and experienced BMS engineers has never been higher. Engineers with software and hardware experience of Trend, Honeywell and Siemens controls amongst others are highly prized. Alongside this, with new legislation and increasing awareness over the last few years, there has been a boom in companies specialising in the installation and maintenance of fire & security systems.

Our EFM team’s specialist consultants working in this sector enables us to recruit effectively and professionally within this niche and growing market.


Roles include:

  • Fire Alarm Engineers
  • Intruder Alarm Engineers
  • Emergency Lighting
  • BMS Maintenance Engineer
  • BMS Remote Analyst
  • Energy Manager
  • Fire and Security Contract Manager
  • BMS Project Manager
  • Area Managers
  • Fire & Security Installation Managers


For more information about this sector and to speak to our specialist team please call 0115 947 2005 or email