The Top 6 Issues Hiring Managers Will Face This Summer, and How to Overcome Them


The Top 6 Issues Hiring Managers Will Face This Summer, and How to Overcome Them

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Seasonal peaks are approaching and companies like yours will need extra support from your recruitment partner. This blog will be helpful for Hiring and Production Managers like you, who will be facing these challenges, and how you can overcome them.

Michael Martin, Regional Manager

Summer is here (even if the weather doesn’t always agree) and I know from speaking with my clients that the same topics come up year after year – unplanned absences, how long it takes to hire, candidate quality needed. The great news is that with careful planning and the help of your local branch you can overcome all of your seasonal hiring challenges.


Hiring Time

The nature of the temporary work beast is to hire the best workers and train them to be ready in time for your busy peak – all within an already condensed timeline. At a time like this, it’s crucial to make the right hire the first time around. Start your hiring process early, make sure that your recruitment partner is working with accurate job descriptions; are there any perks to working at your business? Do you have the best cob van in the area? We all know the power of a great breakfast cob…

‘The team has daily contact with me ensuring all staff supplied have turned in and to address any issues. I am very impressed with the standard of service and professionalism – nothing has been too much trouble. I would highly recommend the team.’

Broxtowe Borough Council

Planned Vs. Unplanned Absences

This happens in all businesses, we can plan our teams holidays but emergencies and last minute requests come up – Illness, holidays, childcare, sudden departure. Working with a recruitment partner is a quick way to fix all (and any other) of these sudden needs as they arise. We’ve worked in the Industry for over 30 years and understand how critical these hires are and we’re ready to support you with both planned and unplanned absences.

Candidate Quality

A big challenge that our clients face is finding people at short notice with the skills they need, competition for skilled staff during peak times can be high. A quick and easy way to overcome this hurdle is to team up with a recruitment partner. No more scrambling to post your advert on as many jobs boards as you can – we can take care of this for you and will have been speaking to the very best candidates face to face well ahead of time. Our database has been growing for over 30 years, so you can be sure that we already know the best people.

‘Since the team have been onsite at temporary staff morale has improved which I put down to the team treating their staff as people instead of numbers. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Thorn Baker.’


Flexibility Needed

The beauty of a temporary job is that it can satisfy both businesses and workers. Temporary work offers more flexibility than a permanent position and is increasingly becoming popular to meet individual’s needs. Businesses are now seeing this as a great way to recruit, test candidates abilities and how they fit into their working environment. As temporary specialists, your Consultant can quickly provide your business with qualified staff for both long and short time jobs.

Unexpected Orders

Things happen. We all know that orders from clients can come through at the last minute. By working with your Consultant you can rest assured that we will always be working on your candidate pool. With regular site inductions and in-house testing, we’re there when you need us, helping to support you in fulfilling your clients’ orders.

'I have used Thorn Baker for well over a decade, I know the office well and the service is as strong and consistent now as it ever was. It outshines the competition on every aspect of labour supply. I trust my contact and if a problem does come up it is dealt with immediately.’

XPO Logistics

High Temperatures in the Work Place

The summer weather can mean uncomfortable temperatures for some in a manufacturing and logistics environment, which can lead to dehydration. Symptoms of dehydration include headaches and poor concentration & attention span. To keep our clients performing at their best the sales team will be delivering our branded water bottles, to not only keep you hydrated but also reduce single-use plastic cups (following on from our blog; Treasury Mulls over Packaging Taxes to Reduce Waste in On-the-Go Packaging). Please keep a look out for them!

We work with businesses like yours who struggle to hire throughout the year as well as seasonal peaks every day. By understanding what a business needs and successfully delivering it time and time again we make our client's hiring life easy - simple. If you'd like to discuss your current and upcoming recruitment needs you can contact your local branch here.

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